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Smartphones and Tablets spare parts wholesalers in United Kingdom

Once your professional account is activated, you have to login into your account to access the wholesale prices on eligible spare sparts.

This price range was especially studied for professionals in smartphone and tablet repairs, allowing you to access discounts up to 70% of the original price.

International brands

Smartphones spare parts wholesaler : apple, lg, sony, htc...

iPhone parts wholesaler

The enthusiasm for iPhones never ceases and their life expectancy encourages users to repair them more than other smartphones. We offer LCD screens as well as complete display assembly, submitted to a meticulous control as the replacement of a broken screen is the most common intervention.

We also select drastically each iPhone battery to offer a quality identical to the original ones. To meet the needs, we also supply all buttons, from the home button to the volume and power buttons, gold, silver, space gray and pink. Obviously, you’ll find all spare parts on our online shop.

wholesalers iPhone spare parts

Samsung parts wholesaler

wholesaler Samsung spare parts

Samsung is the leader in the smartphone market and offers a wide range of smartphones and tablets. From the Galaxy Tab, Tab 4 to the Galaxy S, Galaxy S6 Edge, without forgetting the Ace range, we make sure to offer all spare parts for all Samsung Galaxy.

Most of repair requests are screen replacements. It is normal that we offer high quality LCD screens, same goes for touch screens. We can also wholesale batteries as we offer almost all kind of Samsung batteries, the replacement being rather easy and the need being important.

Dedicated sales team

Being part of SOSav Pro / Captain Repair isn’t just choosing a new spare parts wholesaler, it’s choosing to have access to a dedicated sales teams. Our regional managers quickly and efficiently get back to you concerning your quote, order or delivery requests.

UK quality

Smartphones spare parts wholesalers in England

SOSav is indeed an English company. English company means English quality, whether it’s in terms of quality control, customer service or logistics.

Our warehouses are located in London, allowing Londonian clients to collect their order in less than an hour.

Warehouses in England

Since the beginning of SOSav, we have decided to internalise our logistics. Our warehouses located in England allow us to have a high quality activity. All your orders are shipped the same day.

Test and re-test the spare parts

We do a drastic selection of our suppliers and we trust this quality but this does not exclude controls. As a smartphone and tablet spare parts wholesaler and supplier, we have to offer you the best ones on the market.

A worldwide impact

Our spare parts wholesale activity for smartphones and tablets is now worldwide. Everyday, we ship hundreds of packages to over 80 countries.

A complete ecosystem

Captain Repair, a complete ecosystem

Here at SOSav, we are more than just a high tech spare parts wholesaler. We offer you a complete repair solution.

Over 2 500 guides are available for free so you can fix easily and quickly the broken devices of your clients.

To sum up, SOSav means over 4 500 different spare parts available, 2 500 repair guides and a free clients input. Concentrate on your skills : repair !

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